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Honor Your Ancestors

First, you can create a dumb supper. You don't have to be real fancy, set out a nice tablecloth, silverware, and glassware for their favorite beverage at the table.

Place a flower like red or white roses, and a crystal and candles . Also pictures and some type of memorabilia of the person you want to contact, some jewelry or maybe a small piece of clothing.

Then light the candles and play some music, maybe a favorite song. I would look at the picture and think or say out loud the memories that go with the picture.

I would also pay attention to see if I could Hear, See, Feel or Smell anything as a message . I would write it all down so you can remember everything later.

Here is another suggestion to Honor Ancestors and Loved ones.

If you have a bookcase shelf, put a candle, crystals, pictures and anything you would think that would honor them.

Call the person by their name and ask them to come. Then listen to see, hear or feel anything, if you do, write it down for later.

This is what I did to Honor my deceased Granddaughter. I used my coffee table and I put on it all of the different Halloween decorations that she would have loved. I put a statue of a dog and cat to remind her of her two animals as well as candles and other witchy things. I also added her Witch Hat from her Witch costume and put pictures of her on the hat from when she was dressed up in costume. I then put a plate with potato chips that she loved to eat, next to a cup with a skull on it. I sat there, thinking and talking with her waiting for a message.

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