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Never mind Mercury Retrograde

Oh my gosh, it's Mercury Retrograde (Sept 27 - Oct 18th), what are we going to do?

Do we hide our head under the pillow, is everything is going to fall apart?

My phone isn't going to work right, my TV is going to act up, my car is going to have a problem....

But, what did we do before we knew about mercury retrograde?

Sure we're going to have bumps in the road right now but we will get through it, so just hold on.

Incidentally Mercury does not go backwards, it's the way the Earth's orbit goes that makes it appear that way.

And yes you should be careful when you sign any documents or buy anything right now. You need to make sure that all the t's are dotted across the i's, but I guarantee you - you will get through it.

OK so let's talk what we can do to alleviate some of the stress and and the fears of Mercury retrograde. Remember that Mercury retrograde is not all bad.

Sometimes the things that happen work in our favor so try to look for the silver lining.

What I would suggest for calming and stress is you can work with certain stones and crystals. One of the ones that I like myself is blue light's Agate which helps in the balancing. I also like an egg which helps you ground because that's what we really need right now is grounding.

Suggestion: you can wear the crystals as a necklace, you can wear bracelets with the stones, you can create little pouches of stones and wear them in your pockets and your purse or backpack, the energy works there also.

The next suggestion I have is taking a salt bath. Some people use sea salt, some use Himalayan salt, some use Epsom salt. You need to have some nice warm water and you can have soft music playing, candles around the tub and you can add fresh basil, fresh lavender, you can use rosemary, and you can put your crystals in the water.

You can lay there and relax and read a story or listen to the music.

You can also think about plans to get rid of some things in your closets and your drawers, different ideas like that while you're resting, or just close your eyes and let all of the stress just melt out through your body down the bottom of your feet into the water.

Hooray we did it! Mercury retrograde is over soon. Then go have a party, go out and buy that car or that new phone or that TV once it's over.

Happy October,

Rev. Donna

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