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Update on Visiting Loved Ones

I had to write this as an afterthought to my blog post on How To Honor Your Ancestors and Loved Ones, (How to create a dumb supper or honoring your ancestors). The example I used was with my granddaughter and I showed how to do it.

This is what happened to me the other day when I was in meditation. I was taken to a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley. While I was viewing the greenery and all the beauty around me, my granddaughter suddenly came to me.

She hugged me and said, “I miss you and look what I brought.” She had brought her dog and her cat that I mentioned in my prior blog.

Then she proceeded to show me all of my dogs from my lifespan. Then all of a sudden I noticed another figure standing there. It was my brother who passed away a couple years ago in December. Needless to say I was totally overwhelmed. Tears were running down my face from all of this. Then just as they appeared, they drifted away.

I just wanted to show you that this does work when you pay attention. You are given gifts and they present themselves to you when you ask.

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